The course starts and ends near the Timberland Gate, extending to Pintong Bocaue. This is the latest version, but some tracks are still being worked on and are subject to change.

Since last year, Trail Race offers two distances to choose from – The 30km and 40km race distances.

The 30Km Finish line shares the same spot with the cut off area of the 40km race. Race course offers challenging climbs and descents, and most are on technical singletrack trails.


Please see home page. Participants late for their wave will be slotted into the next available wave.


Parking are available at TSNC and Banyan Crest, where you can ride down to the starting area. No dropoff is allowed by the Starting/Staging area. Parking fee is P40 for the whole stay, subject to availability.


Loading and signing will begin 30 minutes before wave start, and close 15 minutes before gun start. Marshal will hold up letter of your wave. Waves starting together load simultaneously.


Medals and other freebies will be given after the finish area. Awarding for top 5 finishers is at 10:30am near the gate.


With a mix of road climbs (10%), fire road (30%), and singletrack (60%), the single loop course was stitched together using favorite routes of San Mateo regulars, otherwise inaccessible trails on private land, and new trails but just for the race.

Here's a run down of what to expect (note: km markers are approximate, as some sections are still being built):

  • km 0-1.5: Wall 2 is a wide concrete road that narrows into fire road at the end. With a 10% grade, it serves to separate riders before the singletrack.
  • km 1.5-5: Blue Zone Undulating singletrack rewards a brief climb with killer views of the city, before dropping down through a rhythmic series of switchbacks and berms into a stream. We added a new 800m technical section that will reward practice.
  • km 5-9: Blue Zone Harder Dense foliage helps with the singletrack climb up the mountainside, but the 100m 15% grade section is still hard to clear. After this, be rewarded by the new section added for the race - almost 2km of what feels like a natural pump track.
  • km 9-13: Ka Vergel is accessed via the newly created trail near Boom (Timberland rear gate). The rutted climb out of this motocross hangout will be smoothed before race day, but many will likely still push the 300m that steepens to 14% grade in some places. You can rest a bit on the rolling, mostly downhill 3km fire road towards Sapinit Road.
  • km 13-16: Sapinit Climb/Base Camp – an exciting purpose built mountain bike park operated by one of our event partner, Sandugo.
  • km 16-18: Pintong Bocaue/Araneta Gentle fire road climb towards Pestano, then into the Pintong Bocaue gate of the Araneta property for a singletrack descent towards their Pineda gate.
  • km 18-21: Coliseum - connects Pineda gate to Wawa-bound singletrack by going way down, then up, into the valley in between. Technical track with off camber sections and a rocky stream crossing that can be ridden with practice.
  • km 21-27: Roxas Boulevard - Cliffside former cement road with views of the Sierra Madre, then up a singletrack connector to basic.
  • km 27-30: Chapel/Nursery - Natural singletrack descent, then up through the gravelly, rutted fire road out of nursery. The top of Nursery climb will be the spot for 40km Cut off Area, and the Finish Line for 30km distance.
  • km 30-33: New Green Zone - Canopied singletrack just behind basic that drops gently down through a series of bermed turns, then climbs, less gently, back up.
  • km 33-35: Basic and Roxas Fire Road - Paved road with a short climb up overgrown fireroad.
  • km 35-38: Old School Roxas Black Diamond - a steep challenging rocky descent which was a favorite among old school mountain bikers of Maarat.
  • km 38-40: Trail 1000 Black Diamond A rocky, loose, and rutted fall line descent 1 km long that many walked in the last race, but rideable with practice. Then a tough but relatively short climb to the clubhouse, and a short downhill and sprint to the finish.