30 KM DISTANCE – Top 10 Male and Female, overall

    Note: No category winners


    1. Male Overall Category
      • 1st Place: Php 20,000
      • 2nd Place: Php 10,000
      • 3rd Place: Php 5,000

    2. Male Age Group
      • 1st Place: Php 5,000
      • 2nd Place: Php 3,000
      • 3rd Place: Php 2,000

      • Age Category:

        1. 16-18
        2. 19-24
        3. 25-29
        4. 30-34
        5. 35-39
        6. 40-44
        7. 45-50
        8. 51 above

    3. Female Overall Category
      • 1st Place: Php 5,000
      • 2nd Place: Php 3,000
      • 3rd Place: Php 2,000

    It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of and follow these rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

    1. Only mountain bikes in safe working order are allowed. Bikes must be fitted with working front and rear brakes and bar ends or extensions must be securely plugged. No drop bars or aero bars allowed. Tandem bikes are not allowed.

    2. No slick or road tires allowed.

    3. Participants must wear a properly secured helmet at all times during the race including when a participant is pushing or carrying their bike. Failure to wear a helmet will result in disqualification.

    4. Participants must wear proper riding attire, including a shirt, shorts or pants, and fully enclosed shoes at all times during the race. No slippers or open toe shoes allowed.

    5. All participants must sign in before the start of their wave. Failure to sign in will result in a DNS (did not start) and will mean the participant is ineligible for awards.

    6. All riders must be 16 years of age by February 18, 2018. All minors are required to present their parental consent and show proof of age during the sign in at the start area. Failure to present necessary requirements will result in disqualification.

    7. Professional and ex-professional racers can compete in this race. The Top 3 overall winners, Professional, ex-pro or amateur, will be excluded from the Age Category winners.

    8. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 official race number plates must be displayed on the front of each participant’s bike to show that they are registered, while race number must be worn by each participant attached to the rear of the cycling shirt. Only registered racers may compete. A participant should not cut, fold, apply stickers to or alter in any way the number plate and race number. Removal or failure to wear a race number or race number plate will result in disqualification.

    9. A race briefing will take place at the start area before the start of the race (time to be announced). It is the responsibility of each participant to attend the race briefing.

    10. Start times: Participants will be given a start time and wave designation. It is the responsibility of the participant to be at the start area ahead of their release time. Participants who arrive late will be moved to the last wave start.

    11. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 reserves the right to remove obstructive participants before the entrance to the BLUE ZONE and reinsert them when they will no longer obstruct faster racers. Obstructive racers are defined as those who have been overtaken by any participant from a previous wave and will, in the marshal's judgement, obstruct other riders from that wave.

    12. There will be a course cut-off time for all participants. This will be at the TOP OF NURSERY CLIMB (km 30). Cut-off hours will be different for each wave. Please refer to the wave schedule. Any participants who fail to reach the cut-off point before their cut-off time will be escorted out of the race by race officials along the most direct route.

    13. There will be extraction points throughout the course for participants who cannot continue due to mechanical or medical issues. Participants should report to the extraction points and will be transported to the finish line area at the safest time depending on the availability of transportation at each extraction point. Any participant who is extracted from the race will receive a DNF (did not finish) result.

    14. It is the responsibility of each participant to follow the designated race course at all times. Short cutting or changing the course will result in disqualification. If a participant leaves the designated race course, either by accident or on purpose, they must re-enter the course at the exact point they left to avoid disqualification.

    15. Participants are not permitted to willingly alter the course in any way without first consulting with race officials. This includes moving rocks, logs, tape or other natural obstacles.

    16. Riders must respect the environment and ride on the designated course only. Participants are not permitted at any time during the event to create their own trails or cause any damage to private property.

    17. Participants may finish the race by riding, pushing, or carrying a bike that is mechanically impaired, as long as the participant completes the entire course and has not made a short-cut.

    18. Each participant is responsible for having their bike in good operating condition. All participants must be self-sufficient during the race. Repairs during the race must be performed by individual racers. Tools and spare parts used in a repair must be carried by the racer.

    19. Each participant must complete the course on the same bike they started the race with. No exchanging of any bike parts with another participant or non-participant is allowed at any time. Exchanging bike parts will result in disqualification.

    20. Hydration stations will be strategically placed inside the race course but participants should be self-sufficient and not depend on the hydration sites for water.

    21. Participants should allow faster riders to pass them. Participants passing must wait until trail space allows and until passing is safe for other riders. Announce your presence as you pass another rider (i.e. "On your left. Please!") and wait for communication from the rider that it is safe to pass (especially in single track areas). The participant being passed has the right of way.

    22. Participants riding their bike have the right of way over one pushing a bike. A participant pushing their bike must make every effort to keep the track clear for other participants to safely pass on their bikes.

    23. Participants will make every effort not to impede the progress of another rider and respect all participants on the course at all times.

    24. Participants must ride with courtesy at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct, use of bad or abusive language directed toward another participant, race official, or spectator, is grounds for disqualification.

    25. Participants must give way to all medical personnel or race officials on the race course regardless of their standing in the race.

    26. The race director may stop the race in case of severe injury to a participant or dangerous weather conditions.

    27. Participants who fail to follow the instructions of medical personnel or race officials attending to an injured rider will be disqualified.

    28. Littering on the course is not allowed and may result in disqualification.

    29. No glass containers are allowed on the race course.

    30. MP3 players or any kind of personal music / listening devices with headset are not allowed at any time during the race. Use of a headset will result in disqualification.

    31. Any participant who does not complete the course correctly or is unable to finish the course, will be recorded as DNF (did not finish).

    32. Protests must be reported, in writing, to the race director within 20 minutes of the completion of the race. A protest fee of P1,000 will be charged for all written protest. If the protest is found to be valid, the P1,000 fee will be refunded. All results are declared final at the start of the presentation of awards.

    33. Any medical expenses incurred during or as a result of the race are the sole responsibility of the participant.

    34. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 race registration and race numbers are non-transferable. Any participant found to be racing under a different name will be disqualified. Any participant found to be racing with multiple race numbers and timing chips will be disqualified.

    35. A valid government-issued picture ID must be presented before awarding to validate race results.

    36. The race director may at any time prior to, or during the event, shorten, stop or cancel the event where there is a likelihood of serious injury to competitors or spectators, or damage to the environment.

    37. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 reserves the right to make changes to the race course and rules prior to the start of the event as long as all participants are informed of the changes through the event website and pre-race briefing.

    38. 7-Eleven Trail 2018 reserves the right to cancel the event due to bad weather or conditions that are dangerous for participants. No refund will be given in the event of cancellation.


    1. Each entrant warrants that he/she has not been suspended or banned from participating in the 7-Eleven Trail 2018.

    2. Each registrant acknowledges the risks and hazards, which exist in an event of this nature.

    3. Each registrant attends, enters and/or participates in the event entirely at his/her own risk.

    4. Each registrant is obliged to strictly adhere to all applicable rules, directives and instructions of the organizers in respect of the event.

    5. Each registrant accepts that the 7-Eleven Trail 2018 organizers and all other affiliates (hereinafter referred to as ENTITIES) accept no responsibility or liability for and agree to indemnify ENTITIES from and against, any loss, damage, injury, disability, death, expense, cost or liability of whatsoever nature suffered by the registrant, his/her estate and/or his/her dependents which in any manner, in whole or in part, arise directly or indirectly from his/her participation in the event or any of the activities associated therewith or incidental thereto, use of facilities and/or amenities or by reason of defective material or equipment or by way of any human or mechanical error, default or failure or from any other cause whatsoever except upon proof that such loss, damage, injury, disability or death, expense, cost or liability was due to the negligence of any or all of the above named ENTITIES in which event ENTITIES potential liability shall be limited to any claim which falls within the ambit of and indemnity limits of ENTITIES respective insurance policies.

    1. If one or more of these terms are found to be unenforceable, such term shall be deemed to be severable from the remainder of the terms and the remaining terms shall in all other respects remain in full force and effect.